Онлайн концерт: Duetto Concertante
Online Concert: "Duetto Concertante"

13-01-2021 19:00

Online concert: Duetto Concertante

13-01-2021 19:00


On January 13, two soloists of the National Philharmonic of Ukraine, Honored Artists of Ukraine flutist Yuriy Shutko and guitarist Andriy Ostapenko will present a program called "Duetto Concertante". They perform sonatas for flute and guitar by Georg Friedrich Handel and Theodor Gaude.


Interesting Facts.


German guitarist and composer Theodor Gaude was a sales agent by profession. But for some time he played as a guitarist, as he studied guitar in Paris. Gaude-composer has written more than 80 works for solo guitar, for guitar and chamber orchestra and more. Theodore traveled a lot with touring performances. For example, in 1814 the artist had a concert in St. Petersburg. Later, after a serious illness, Gaude devoted himself to teaching.


Andriy Ostapenko plays the guitar "Artista Membrane", made by the world-famous German guitarist and luthier Dieter Hopf. It is known that for more than three centuries the Hopf family has been making wonderful string instruments, more precisely since 1655. Of course, during this time, invaluable they have accumulated a great experience, which outstanding musicians of the world highly appreciate.


Since 1999, Yuriy Shutko is the only flutist in Ukraine who plays a golden flute of the Japanese company SANKYO. He is a Ukrainian artist-representative of this brand, specializing in the production of concert instruments for solo performances of world-famous flutists.


Enjoy exquisite music and discover new pages of musical classics in the concerts of the National Philharmonic of Ukraine! Join the live broadcast of the concert from the Lysenko Column Hall on January 13, 2021.


Beginning at 19:00.




G.F. Handel – Sonata No. 4 for flute and guitar in A minor

Т. Gaude – Sonata for flute and guitar, Op. 24

L. Legnani – Duetto Concertantе for flute and guitar, Op. 23

F. Carulli – Fantasia for flute and guitar on themes

                    from Bellini’s Opera “Il Pirata”, Op. 337

M. Giuliani – Serenade for flute and guitar, Op. 127


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